The API Version 4.0 is currently in Beta and is subject to change.


The API Version 4 is designed to provide access to most common features in the application. This API is a RESTful API, designed around our common data resources, and responding to JSON HTTP GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE requests. This API can be used to automate the creation of accounts, as well as for transmitting to email and SMS recipients that should receive review invitation campaign communications. This Version 4 API works with existing API’s, but it is recommended that customers migrate to this Version 4 API as prior versions will be deprecated at some point in the future. There are currently two other prior API versions that are still available.

Documentation for API v2 (the last version), can be found here. API v1 is available to customers by request.

The API V4 is in Beta, with additional endpoints still expected to be added, in which backwards compatibility is not guaranteed. However, most of the endpoints are common resources so changes are more likely to be incremental and may not require changes.