The API Version 4.0 is currently in Beta and is subject to change.

Getting started

The API responds to standard HTTP, GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE methods. These methods can be translated into the following activities:

  • GET - Read
  • POST - Create
  • PUT/PATCH - Update
  • DELETE - Destroy

Base URL

All API requests are made to the following URL:

Obtaining API keys

Your API key is on your account info page, which can be found here.

Rate limits

The API does not generally impose rate limits, and that is subject to change.


Sometimes, when calling our API, we have a lot of data to show you. In order to handle this massive amount of information efficiently, we allow our users to paginate through these results.

For instance, sending a GET request to could return, in addition to the information you are expecting, a pagination hash indicating all the information you need for paginating.

To specify a different page to see more results, simply add the page parameter to your endpoint with the desired page number like so:

This will give you all the reviews from the following page, plus the paginations-information corresponding to the current pagination state.

{ "reviews": [ {...} ], "pagination": { "current_page": 1, "next_page": 2, "prev_page": null, "total_pages": 11, "total_count": 5260, "current_page_count" : 500 } }